The Confident Practitioner Formula

Are you a Practitioner? Therapist? Other Heart-Centred Consultant? 

Are you struggling to share what you do in an authentic and heart-centred way? 

In a world filled with free stuff and  'proven' systems - (often created by marketing people - or worse AI!) my program is unique. Just like you.  

No more worrying about how to get more clients or agonising over how to tell people about what you do...

Instead, just your dream of doing what you love and being able to live comfortably becoming reality with perfect clients filling your books providing you with a consistent and abundant income.

No more wondering what marketing is working or if you are doing enough....

No worrying about how to get yourself out there. And no more fear of sounding all sales-y. Instead you will know that your website and social media all reflect the real you. You will feel confident sharing content and know when and how to market yourself effectively and authentically. 

No more burn out working with the wrong clients or getting too busy and loosing track of what you really want...

Using The Confident Practitioner Formula model you will master how to build the practice of your dreams. You will know how to re-create or leverage what you do, you will be able to move your practice, start a new one … whatever you want ... because you will really understand how to build a successful practice that fits you and gives you the lifestyle you want.

This truly is the world's simplest model for creating a practice you love to own 

You really are just 3 steps away from having the practice you always dreamt about.

Clear Authentic Marketing Messages


Visionary Business Foundations 


Solid and Unshakeable Confidence 


All the clients you want, when you want them and a lifestyle you love. 

The 5 elements a Confident Practitioner Formula Practitioner share .... 

  1. A unique and and irresistible marketing voice - that they use over and over again to attract their perfect clients.
  2. They understand how and why to market in way that feels enjoyable and authentic - and that’s going to give the best results for their practice.
  3. Solid foundations for a thriving and sustainable practice - simplified through systems to outsource when and if they want to. 
  4. Alignment with their Big Vision together with the ability to bring it into reality.   
  5. Absolute confidence in themselves as a practitioner so they can build their visibility or leverage themselves in any way they want. 

This truly is possible for you too. 

Why Listen To Me? 

I have been in private practice as a kinesiologist, trainer, coach and counsellor since 1997. I understand our industry and I understand how we, as practitioners, think. 

I don't just teach you how to run a business. I work with you to create YOUR perfect business, hold you accountable and make sure you create a practice that fits you like a glove. One that makes your heart sing every day. 

And I don't just teach how to market; I help you uncover your authentic marketing voice so you can share what you do in a way that flows (no more figuring out how many posts to do a day!) so you can have a consistent stream of perfect clients filling your diary. 

My background ....

When I first started practicing I was confident that I would be up and running inside a year - and I needed to - but a few years later not only was I still struggling (despite having a business and sales background) but the colleagues I had trained with had all, but one, given up trying to create a practice - it was just too hard.  

I knew they were as passionate about helping people as I was and they had spent as much time and money as I had ... it was sad to see all that wasted....

I then learned that was common in our industry ... that most practitioners qualify and never practice ...

... that ignited in me a passion to not only succeed but also to help other practitioners share their heart centred work ....

I started up our association, served on committees, spent 10's of thousands on business and marketing coaching; training with some of the best both in Australia and overseas. I even became a certified marketing coach in the process. I got my ideal practice up and running, complete with wait lists and in 2008 I started working with other practitioners to do the same. 

The world desperately needs more healers and helpers - and it is becoming more and more important to understand how to develop a strong and authentic presence in the market place in a way that feels ethical and congruent with your values. 

And I love helping my clients do exactly this. 

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Totally free. 

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Look at some of the results Confident Practitioner Formula members are getting ....

“Before working with Gay, I wasn’t sure that I was going to be able to continue with my hypnobirthing business. I simply wasn’t booking enough clients.

I was disappointed as I love teaching. I was also frustrated as I felt like I had tried everything and nothing had worked…online small business classes, social media workshops, outsourcing to SEO experts…despite putting in a huge amount of money, time, and effort I was not seeing the ongoing success that I wanted.

After working with Gay, I now consistently book six couples per class (and have had as many as eight couples in a class). I feel confident that I know how to speak to my ideal client, matching their needs with what I offer.

I also feel relieved as my work on my business is done…I am finally happy with my website and my marketing strategy. This is huge as I have more time and energy to devote to my clients and the time and space to develop new offerings to support my clients - and I know that when the time comes to market these, I have the skills I need to get them out there!"

Caitlin Dyer - Mother Down Under



"I enrolled In the Confident Practitioner in February 2018 when I was first going through the process of setting up my Naturopathy business.

At that point I had some vague ideas on marketing and a business plan but not much else. In the time since I enrolled (3 months) I have worked through several of the modules, my marketing plan is coming together with relevant changes to my website that are aimed at making it much more appealing to my target market.

As I have gained confidence using the tools that Gay has given me I have started seeing regular clients with my client numbers building up. I have also commenced consulting at a local support organisation for people with mental illnesses.

Gay has helped me become clear in what I want to achieve with my practice and is giving me the skills to enable me to focus my resources on attracting the types of client that will most benefit from the services I have to offer."

Julia Passaris - Julia's Naturopath and Wellness 




“I began in Gay Landeta’s Confident Practitioners Program at the end of 2017. I have found Gay’s support and guidance and teaching invaluable in how to grow and develop my Kinesiology practice further.

Gay’s specific and personalised guidance enabled my trust and openness, so I could learn and grow in a trustworthy and professional setting. Working as a Holistic Kinesiologist and building on the learning from Gay’s programme has already, and will continue to, result in a growing and thriving Complimentary Medicine Practice."

Lisa Cohen - In2balance Kinesiology


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